He who holds the key to context 2

Language is a vital tool. It is a medium of sharing thoughts and ideas. And, a means to forge friendships, cultural ties and economic relationships. As mankind has progressed, language has been used to aggregate and transfer knowledge across time. Tribal knowledge is equivalent to institutional knowledge. Most advanced civilizations have had more sophisticated documentation […]

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When do you set your Daily Compass?

Whodini is a startup. Startups are exciting. Startups are hard. What keeps startups on track is their ability to deliver a lot with very little. From the outside, what looks like madness is in reality a very tightly crafted choreograph – only, the rate at which we can and do make adjustments is insane. So, […]

Let’s play with big data

How you can monetize data: The best insight I have heard about big data goes something like this: “The underlying truth about big data is that value is created when there is a new way to process data, or a new way to look at data, or new data.” When a service is able to […]



Inside the API Economy…HELPS vs. HAS vs. IS

Over the past few months we’ve been shifting our business to an API first approach with the thesis that we can serve the larger potential market by providing a valuable, scalable and secure service vs. trying to directly address just one of the many market opportunities. As part of this shift we’ve been studying the […]

Insight to Do Big Jobs

According to a Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans are disengaged from their work. Bob Gower thinks this doesn’t bode well for us. “The most glaring lesson for me is a reaffirmation of just how bad we are at organizing ourselves to do big things. When it comes to bringing people together to do big jobs […]

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Whodini and Social Knowledge

Used thousands of times a day to record knowledge, if you know where to look.   “Whodini has the potential to make Knowledge Management actually work for the first time…” (Business Exec from large engineering firm) Whodini provides capabilities for Knowledge Management systems and even touches on the ability to help the advancement of Social […]

The Problem with Self-Reporting

A resume comes into your inbox. The candidate hits all the high notes… the titles are right, the experience looks good, as is the educational background. This looks like an outstanding candidate. Now… just remember that there is a good chance the resume is not an accurate picture of the person. One source claims that […]



Whodini looks at Obama, Romney and Twitter

Whodini was built for email, but we have been exploring ingesting other forms of data. As a POC we put the Twitter feeds of President Obama and Governor Romney through Whodini technology. The results not only validated our technology for short-from messaging, but we thought it was just, ya know, interesting. In the data you […]

Whodini, it turns out, is pretty cool.

Whodini was named a finalist in the 2012 Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Service Revolutions competition. The competition took place on May 9 at the Technology Services World(TSW) 2012 Best Practices conference in Santa Clara, California. The conference saw over 700 attendees from various professional services organizations including the likes of HP, EMC, Cisco, Oracle, Sage and PWC. […]

Whodini was named a finalist in the 2012 Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Service Revolutions competition.