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  What's a Whodini score?

Why Whodini

Workforce Engagement

Workforce engagement is the intensity and quality of employees’ interaction with and about customers, products, projects and vendors. We invented a method to measure and quantify engagement. Individuals and businesses can measure and track interactions as well as predict and influence outcomes. We call this the Whodini score.

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What we do

Business Solutions

85% of all business communications occurs electronically. Our technology creates evidenced-based workforce engagement analytics from this data. Business leaders in various functions like HR, Sales, CRM, Finance, IT or Corp Dev can leverage Whodini’s workforce analytics engine to make better, faster, more informed decisions.

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How we do it

Developer Platform

We enable developers, system integrators and consulting companies to integrate Whodini APIs into their product and service offerings. Because our technology enhances and extends the capability of investments already made in existing systems, platforms and tools, companies can see results instantaneously.

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